• Allocate funds to worthwhile causes

Living Future Exchanges

Living Building Challenge 3.0 marked the launch of new Living Future Exchange™ offset programs—making it easier for project teams to allocate funds to worthwhile causes and see their donations aggregated for greater effect. Please note that the Living Future Carbon Exchange is no longer in operation due to the complexities of navigating a shifting global market.

Help conserve the world's most important and endangered habitats. The International Living Future Institute operates the Living Future Habitat Exchange™ program in cooperation with reputable conservation organizations. If you aren’t sure where to allocate your Habitat Exchange donation required for the Living Building Challenge, we make it easy and aggregate funds to the most effective and high profile conservation efforts worldwide.

Make a difference in the lives of others with an equity exchange donation. The Living Future Equity Exchange™ program harnesses private development for social good. For every dollar of total project cost in Living Building Challenge projects, the development must set aside and donate half a cent or more to a charity or contribute to the Institute’s Equitable Offset Program, which funds renewable infrastructure for charitable enterprises.
To get started, contact us at: lbc.support@living-future.org
The Institute offers consulting services related to the two exchange programs. If ‎you need assistance in locating appropriate habitat for the habitat exchange, ‎guidance in identifying suitable charities for the equity exchange, or other consulting services in ‎connection with environmental assessment, planning, development and ‎compliance, please contact lbc.support@living-future.org