Spring of Sustainability

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 (All day)
For many of us who are part of the “green movement,” some days, the challenges we face feel unsurmountable.
In these times, it’s common to get overwhelmed by the crises facing our planet – from the destruction of forests, to the toxic chemicals in our products, to the bloodshed over natural resources. We need to find inspiration and partnership – and see that our contributions are making a difference.
This is where The Spring of Sustainability springs into action!
We’ll kick it off with the special Earth Day Celebration, where you will join together with others around the world and experience the beauty and interconnectedness of all life – and revel in all that is exciting and possible in this new era of sustainability.
You’ll be enlightened and engaged by the innovative solutions and practices offered by leading sustainability experts and visionaries. And you’ll be inspired by stories of transformation and forward momentum, as well as uplifted by soul-stirring music and poetry.
This is THE event where you can recharge your batteries, gain inspiration, and learn about the innovations that are changing the world.