Online | Electric Power and Your NZE project: The Future of the Grid

Tuesday, December 06, 2016 - 9:00am PST

Electric Power and Your NZE project: The Future of the Grid
December 6th, 9:00am - 10:00am

Net Zero Energy is a powerful tool in accelerating high perfomance, low energy use buildings, but is the right end game simply a world of NZE buildings? What role might the grid play, and how will a high performance world deal with the ebbs and flows of energy demand, particularly where time and date of use don't match that of generation? What is the ideal future state of energy use?

  1. Describe the benefits of NZE as it currently stands
  2. Understand the basics of grid interaction with buildings and time of use
  3. Comprehend potential options for energy storage at a large scale
  4. Describe quantitative impacts of reducing energy use at a wholescale level


Maureen Hand, Member of the Technology Systems and Sustainability Analysis Group, Strategic Energy Analysis Center

Areas of expertise

  • Active control systems for utility-scale wind turbines
  • Advanced control systems
  • Numerical modeling and control system design
  • Assessing future wind technology cost and performance estimates
  • ​Survey methods for estimating the value of wind energy

Primary research interests

  • Developing transparent cost model for wind energy
  • Electric system modeling scenarios
  • Wind technology development risk analysis
  • Wind turbine cost and scaling model development

Shawn Marshall, Co-founder and Executive Director, LEAN Energy US

Shawn is the founder and Executive Director of LEAN Energy US (Local Energy Aggregation Network), a non-profit membership organization that exists to support the expansion of clean energy community choice aggregation (CCA) nationwide. LEAN serves as a hub for CCA resources and expertise and works in partnership with a range of organizations to actively support CCA formation around the country. Recent work has focused in the states of California, New Jersey, and Illinois.

In 2007, Shawn served on the task force that ultimately became the Marin Energy Authority (MEA), a joint powers agency that runs the first CCA in California and the first clean energy CCA in the country. MEA, now called Marin Clean Energy, serves a customer base of over 100,000 accounts in Marin and the City of Richmond with a range of 50%-100% renewable energy. From 2009-January 2012, Shawn served as MEA’s founding Vice Chair, and she remains active in their efforts.

Brad Liljequist, Director of NZE and Living Community Challenge, ILFI

As director of the Institute's Net Zero Energy and Living Community programs, Brad is at the forefront of a global transformation toward a carbon-free future. He directed development of the Petal and Net Zero Energy Certified zHome, the first multifamily zero net energy community in the United States, as well as Issaquah Fire Station 72, the world’s most energy efficient fire station and recipient of the international 2012 ASHRAE Technology award.  Brad has nearly three decades of experience catalyzing change in the fields of planning, environmental policy, urban design, construction management and sustainable building.  He was educated at Georgetown University, the University of St. Andrews and the University of Washington Evans School.